Sync Agent scheduled task fails to run

If a Sync Agent is failing to check in on a regular basis, check the computer on which the Agent is deployed. You can find more information about failures using the Intellischool Sync Agent view in Event Viewer under Applications and Services Logs.

If the log doesn't have any useful troubleshooting information, check the history of the "IntellischoolSyncAgent" task in Windows Task Scheduler.

➡️ Authentication errors

401 Unauthorized

  1. Check that the service account being used has the necessary environment variables set, namely:
  2. Ensure that the values for the environment variables are as provided.

If the values are as expected, ensure that they are configured with the correct user scope - they must be set for the user that runs the Sync Agent (which may be different to the user that is logged in to the machine).

402 Payment required

Ensure that your accounts with Intellischool are not overdue or delinquent. Intellischool may suspend tenancies with amounts owing that are past due; refer to your service representative for assistance.

403 Forbidden

This error is often thrown by firewalls or content filters that are blocking a connection. Check that your firewall is configured correctly and the appropriate domains are whitelisted.

423 Locked

Ensure that your IDaP tenancy has not been suspended. Suspension can occur when a superuser marks the Sync Agent as disabled, or for other administrative reasons.

➡️ Task Scheduler errors

The following errors are common in Windows environments where Group Policy restrictions have been applied to user rights.

These settings can be found in Group Policy under Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.

Launch Failure with error 2147943726

Ensure that the account that is being used to run the Sync Agent has the Log on as a service right assigned to it.

Launch Failure with error 2147943785

Ensure that the account that is being used to run the Sync Agent has the Log on as a batch job right assigned to it.


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