Pulse alert threshold time periods

Pulse alerts allow configuration for data thresholds during a certain period of time. This article explains how we calculate each of the periods available for selection when creating or editing an alert.

When creating or editing a Pulse alert, most alert types allow the selection of a threshold value during a time period.

The time periods available are calculated as described in the table below.

Tip: Consider the difference between the current and last x days periods - the difference between the two will significantly change the relevance of your alerts.

Current week Most recent Monday through to the next Sunday
Current fortnight The current week (as above) and the week prior
Current month The current calendar month
Current semester The current scheduled semester
Last 7 days Today and the six days prior
Last 14 days Today and the thirteen days prior
Last 30 days Today and the twenty-nine days prior
Previous semester The semester prior to the current scheduled semester


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