Dashboard Settings Overview

This article provides further information on how to customise and manage your Intellischool Analytics dashboards through the Settings button.

⚠️ If you don't see the 'Settings' button when accessing your school's dashboards, this may be because you haven't been granted the appropriate permissions. Contact your school's dashboard administrator to modify these permissions, or reach out via help@intellischool.co.


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⚙️ Customisation

➡️ Learning domains

Intellischool Analytics uses 'learning domains', otherwise known as Key Learning Areas (KLAs), to organise data longitudinally, enabling analysis of student results across multiple years where subject codes might otherwise might not easily match up. Learning domains are synchronised from either your Learning Management System (LMS), or Student Information System (SIS), depending on the combination of technologies in use at your school. Names and codes for learning domains are controlled by the source system and cannot be edited in this section.
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➡️ Task adherence

This section allows for customisation of colours representing task adherence throughout both the Learner and Cohort profiles. 
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➡️ Achievement

Here you'll be able to configure achievement levels and thresholds for what your school considers to be below, at and above expected achievement levels.

➡️ Attendance and enrolment

This section allows for customisation of colours representing attendance risk throughout both the Learner and Cohort profiles. 

Users also have the ability to choose whether average semester attendance calculations - both in the Learner and Cohort profile attendance tabs - are based on either 'Absent from school' or 'Absent from class'. Click here to read more about which attendance codes are included and excluded from each of these options to decide which will best suit your school's needs.

🔐 Users and Permissions

We've written a dedicated article on curating both individual user permissions and permission sets - click here to read more.

👥 Role Management

Information about your school's staff roles is mapped directly from your school's student information system (SIS). It's important to keep this 'Role management' section up-to-date to ensure the appropriate staff members have the necessary permissions to view and manage dashboards, and also to ensure that security over sensitive data is maintained.

Your school's Intellischool Engagement Manager will walk you through the role management process as part of the onboarding process, during which time they'll support you in mapping your 'School-based titles' to 'Intellischool titles'. 

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Here's a quick run-down of each column in the Role management page:

  • School-based title
    The roles listed in this column have been mapped directly from your school's LMS/SIS. If there are some roles in this column that don't look quite right to you, touch base with your school's IT coordinator to ensure these are set up correctly in your LMS/SIS - you may find that there are some that need removing.
  • Active staff
    This specifies the current number of staff members that have been allocated to this particular title and associated Intellischool role. 
  • Intellischool title
    The options in the drop-down menu in this column are our Intellischool system-based roles. Choose the option from the drop-down menu that best matches your school-defined role. During the onboarding process, your Intellischool Engagement Manager will support you in setting this column up - if you need any further support, you can reach out by clicking here.
  • Focus area
    Not every staff role will have an associated focus area, which means you may not see a drop-down menu. Where there is an associated scope, you'll see a drop-down menu where you can make your choice of scope appropriate to the given role.

🗄️ Data Management

  • Data sources

    This section allows you to manage the configuration of data sources that are used within Intellischool Analytics, including those that are synced automatically and manually. If you need any support to reconfigure your automatic sync data sources, reach out to your Intellischool Engagement Manager.

    The manual tab allows you to manage all data sources that can be synced manually upon request. You'll be required to enter credentials to initiate the sync, and you can contact your Engagement Manager to purchase additional licenses where a data source is listed as 'Unlicensed'.

  • External results

    Your Intellischool Engagement Manager will walk you through the external results settings as part of the onboarding process, during which time they'll support you in mapping your external testing sources to the appropriate learning domains.

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  • Source code mapping

⚠️ Mapped values are applied during the data synchronisation process. Any changes made in the 'Source code mapping' area will not be reflected until the next data synchronisation occurs.

This tool is used to configure how Intellischool Analytics should interpret different codes configured in your school's systems, including your SIS and LMS. Your Intellischool Engagement Manager will prompt you to do this during the onboarding process. Take care when making changes, as changes will be applied to all historical and current data.

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