Creator: Understanding Facts and Dimensions

Creator breaks down simplified tables into two distinct categories: facts, and dimensions.

Facts and dimensions form the basis of a data strategy, enabling users to quickly build queries in a star-styled format.

Consider a fact at the centre of a star, and the dimension(s) the points of the star in a relationship diagram:


➡️ Fact tables

Fact tables hold data specific to a business or educational process. This means that each row in the fact is associated with a process, and also contains the measurement data relating to it.

In addition to any descriptive measurement data (such as letter grades or descriptive scale results), Albitros will attempt to convert descriptive scales into numeric scores based on the conversion rules set up for your school.

➡️ Dimension tables

Dimension tables are always related to at least one Fact table, but are usually related to multiple Facts. Dimension tables are descriptive by nature.

For example, the Staff Dimension table describes each of the staff member records that have been sychronised to the IDaP from your data sources.


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