Sync firewall whitelisting

If the machine you have installed the Intellischool CLI or Sync Agent on is behind a web filter or firewall, certain addresses must be unblocked in order for the agent to function.

In addition to unblocking the following addresses and ensuring their DNS addresses can be resolved, we highly recommend disabling any SSL or deep packet inspection on your firewall for these as well.

You must remove any requirement for proxy authentication. The CLI does not support HTTP proxies or additional authentication layers. If you're using Zscaler, refer to these instructions.

If you are unsure which region your tenant is located in, check the Region page in your app settings.

Note: All Sync Agent traffic occurs via HTTPS on port 443.

➡️ All regions


➡️ Australia - NSW GET, PATCH, POST, PUT

➡️ Australia - Victoria GET, PATCH, POST, PUT

➡️ Singapore GET, PATCH, POST, PUT

➡️ United Kingdom GET, POST, PUT

➡️ Retired domains

If you are using the new Intellischool CLI, and are running Analytics v23.6 or later, you can safely remove the following domains from your whitelists:



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