Firewall whitelisting for Albitros

Albitros may require some domains to be whitelisted when using certain firewalls.

While the majority of clients will not need to make firewall changes to use the Albitros web app, in some cases our support team may recommend whitelisting certain Intellischool domains.

The following list details the services that may need to be whitelisted on network firewalls. {region} refers to the IDaP region that your data is stored in. If you're unsure which region you are using, ask your Intellischool support representative.


Domain Port HTTP verbs 80, 443 GET 443 GET, POST, PUT, WebSockets 443 GET 443 GET (alpha testing schools only) 443 GET (beta early release schools only)
api.{region} 443 GET, POST, PUT, WebSockets
analytics.{region} 443 GET, POST, PUT, WebSockets