TASS (via SQL) access requirements

In order to synchronise data from TASS, you'll need to grant access to your TASS SQL database.

Intellischool Analytics is capable of synchronising data from TASS for schools who have purchased an appropriate license.

➡️ Credentials

It is best practice to configure a separate username and password for Intellischool to connect to your TASS database. These credentials must be configured using SQL native authentication, not Windows authentication.

➡️ Table access

You may wish to restrict the tables that Intellischool can access depending on the types of data you wish to synchronise with the Intellischool Data Platform.

➡️ Minimum access

The Sync Agent must be given permission to create temporary tables in your TASS database. These tables are used for query efficiency and are deleted automatically at the end of each sync session. They are not visible to other database users.

Read-only access to the following tables/views is required at a minimum for all types of integration, with those marked with an asterisk * being required for assessment import. 

absreason studsub ⚠️ If you have users that need to be onboarded that are not stored in the staff, teacher or student tables you will also need to grant access to the below:
abstype subcat
campus subdept
company subobject*
house suboutline
resultprd subtab
rollsubmit subtab* family
srarptobjgrp* subtype persondefs
srastudent tchsub telemf
srasubassess* teacher  
srasubassval* tel_name_archive
srasubresfmt* ttcalendar
srasubtab ttdays
staff ttdefs
studabsent ttmast
studenrol ttperiod
student ttyearid
studresult* year_admin


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