Permissions: Scopes versus Staff Roles

There are two distinct layers of authorisation in Analytics. This article explains the difference between them.

➡️ Scopes

Scopes grant a user access to a particular set of features within Intellischool products. For example, the analytics.students scope grants assigned users access to dashboards related to students - such as the Learner Profile and the Cohort Profile.

All staff at a school are automatically granted the analytics.students scope. All other scopes are manually applied.

Scopes can be managed by school staff with manage level access to role management in permission sets, found in Settings, or by Intellischool staff.

➡️ Staff roles

Staff roles are synchronised from your SIS, and are used to control which data is available to a user within a dashboard. For example, a Learning Domain Coordinator for Arts can only see data from within their faculty in the Curriculum Profile.

Staff role assignments can be modified by users with the analytics.admin scope applied.

➡️ Scopes required for feature access

  analytics.students analytics.staff Others
Learner profile    
Cohort/class profile    
Curriculum profile   ⚠️  
Staff Task Adherence   ⚠️  
Admin settings     analytics.admin
Pulse alert settings     ℹ️*

✅ = Full access
⚠️ = Partial access restricted by staff role assignments

Regarding Pulse alert settings: In addition to the analytics.admin scope, accessing pulse alert settings also requires the analytics.alerts scope, and either the or analytics.alerts.write scopes depending on whether the user should be able to change Pulse alert rules.

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