TASS (via API) access requirements and configuration

In order to synchronise data from TASS via the TASS API, you will need to provide us with the necessary API keys.

On the API configuration screen in TASS, please provision access to the APIs listed below. Be sure to include the App Code, Company Code, Token Key and the API for which the aforementioned when providing these details to Intellischool.

Note: The App Code and Token Key will differ for each API that you are giving Intellischool access to.

Minimum access requirements

  • LMS Integration
  • Student Details

Optional access

  • Employee / HR - required for role-based access control and Pulse alerts
  • General Ledger Analytics - required for finance analytics
  • Student Academic Analytics - required for student analytics

Generating API keys

To generate API keys for use with Intellischool, you will need to be logged in to TASS as an administrator.

Before you generate any API keys, make a note of the Company Code that your school is using in TASS. This is usually a number, often with a leading zero - e.g. "01".

Once you have your Company Code:

  1. Navigate to System AdminUtilitiesAPI Gateway Maintenance.
  2. Follow the prompts to generate a new API key pair for each of the APIs that you need Intellischool to connect to.
  3. Enter the generated Application Code and Token Key for each key pair into the TASS configuration form.