Creator: Cross-filtering charts

With just a few clicks, you can configure any chart or table to update a dashboard filter.

Creator allows you to customise what happens when you click on a chart in a dashboard. This article will walk you through cross-filtering - namely how to set up cards to update filters on a dashboard.

Here’s the dashboard we’re going to wire up:

Our starter dashboard that with cards about `Orders` from the Sample Database included with Metabase.

Here’s our goal: we want to set up this dashboard so that when people click on a state in the map, the dashboard’s State filter updates and filters every other card except the Orders by State card.

We also want to wire up the dashboard so that when people click on a category in the bar chart, the category filter updates, and all the cards except the Orders by Product Category card update to filter orders by that category.

Here’s the finished dashboard in action:

Clicking on Wisconsin updates the state filter, filtering the dashboard for orders placed from users in Wisconsin. Clicking on Gadget or Widget updates the Category filter, and filters the dashboard for orders with products in those categories.

➡️ Setting up the filters

You've probably already got questions on your dashboard, so we’ll start by adding two filters: a State filter and a Category filter. The setup process for both filters is similar, so we’ll focus on adding the State filter and you’ll get the idea.

From the dashboard, we’ll click on the pencil icon to enter dashboard editing mode. To add a state filter, we’ll select the filter icon from the menu on the top right. For filter type, we’ll select Location, and for kind, we’ll select State

Add a Location filter.

Next, we’ll want to wire up every card to our state filter except the card we want to use to update that filter: the Orders by state card. This way, we can click on different states, and the other cards will update to show orders from users in the clicked state.

To set up this cross-filtering, let’s set every other card’s Column to filter on to User.State.

Connect each card to the State filter <em>except</em> the Orders by State card, as we want to use the state map to update the State filter.

Next, we’ll want to set up the map of the United States to update the state filter on click. To do that, we’ll need to change the click behavior for our Orders by State question. Hover over the Orders by State card and click on the click behaviour icon:

Hover over the Orders by State card and select the click behavior icon.


Creator will slide out a click behaviour sidebar where we can define what happens when people click on the Orders by State card. Since we want the card to update the State filter, we’ll select the Update a dashboard filter option.

For Click behavior for Orders by State, select Update a dashboard filter.


Creator will list the dashboard’s available filters that we can update:

Metabase will list the available filters to update on click.


Since we want to update the State filter, we’ll select the State filter, and pass the value of User→State to the filter.


With that, Creator will give us a summary of the click behavior we just defined. In this case, we’ve set up the Orders by State card to update the State filter by passing the value User-State to the filter.

Metabase will summarize our configured click behavior: the Orders by State card will update a dashboard filter by passing the value from the User→State column to the dashboard

Let’s save our changes, and try out the new click behaviour:

Clicking on a state once filters the rest of the cards by that state. Clicking on the state a second time resets the filter.

If we click on Wisconsin, the dashboard will filter the other cards for orders by users from Wisconsin. If we click on Wisconsin again, the filter resets, and the other cards on the dashboard update to show all orders from all states.

So far so good. Now let’s move on to set up the Orders by Product Category to update the dashboard’s Category filter.

The process is more or less the same as above, so we won’t walk through it step by step. All we need to do is:

  • Add a Category filter to filter the dashboard by Product→Category.
  • Wire up every card except Orders by Product Category to the dashboard’s category filter.
  • Set the click behavior on Orders by Product Category to update the category filter by passing values from the Product→Category column.

The sidebar will show a summary of our configured click behaviour:

Summary of click behavior for Orders by Product Category: update the dashboard

🥳 After saving our changes, we're all finished. 

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